How to change IP address to another location

How to Change IP Location

Whenever you connect to the Internet using a certain device whether a PC, a mobile or a tablet, an IP address is assigned to it. This particular IP address is given to you by your Internet service provider. Although ISPs make sure that you get easy access to the web, you give them the opportunity to track you whenever you’re online. Your IP address reveals your location and gives away a lot of information about you. And sometimes, your IP address stands in the way of you accessing content from abroad. Even though you can’t completely get rid of your IP, there’s a way you can change it. That way involves a VPN service provider. Here’s how you can change your IP address to another location using a VPN.

How to change IP address to another location
How to Change Your IP Address to Another Location

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How to Change IP Location Using a VPN

An IP address is a unique number that your ISP assigns to the device you’re using to connect to the internet. This number can be used to identify your physical location, which can be limiting in many respects. To change it, all you need is a virtual private network. A VPN creates a secure tunnel that encrypts all of your Internet traffic and data. When you connect to a VPN server, your real IP address is masked. As a result, you will appear to be online using the IP address of the VPN server you connected to. This is how you use a VPN to change your IP address:

  1. Sign up with a VPN, the best of which is ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install your VPN app on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device.
  3. Launch the application and sign in.
  4. Select a server in the location you want and connect to it.
  5. Check your new IP address by visiting our verifier.

The best service provider for changing your IP address is ExpressVPN. You get to connect to any of their server locations and browse online anywhere without giving away your IP. Moreover, this provider highly values users’ privacy & security. Make sure you check it out.

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Why Change IP Location?

Protect Data

One of the main reasons why internet users long to change their IP address is so that they become less susceptible to online threats. Once you connect to a VPN, your data gets encrypted, and no third parties or hackers can access it.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

Another reason why online users change their IP address is that they face a lot of blockades. Many popular websites, services, and channels are blocked due to geo-restrictions. So you have to change your IP address to trick the website into thinking you’re located in the place where the content you’re trying to access is based.

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