Check My IP Address

My IP Address

What is my IP address? Use the free IP address location lookup tool below, to find your IP, as well as an estimate of your current geographic location instantly.

Get My IP Address Location

My IP Address
Country: United States 
City: Ashburn
State: VA
Browser: CCBot  


Find My IP Address Look Up Tool Breakdown

As you can see, your IP address shows you country, city, and state location. The IP look up tool also enables you to check which browser and operating system you are using. ISP stands for Internet service provider. Your ISP is the one that controls your IP address. If you want to share the result with others, select ‘Copy Result Link’.

The Google map, on the other hand, allows you to get an estimate of your current geographic location as well. Please note that the map is not 100% accurate.

Check My IP Address
Find My IP Address

Who Can See My IP?

Any websites or apps you use can check your IP address. Your IP can also be found in the email and chat messages you send. Your ISP keeps tracks of your browsing activities and ties them to your IP. Therefore, your Internet privacy is exposed at all times. If you want to hide your IP address, and surf the web anonymously, i.e. without anybody being able to trace you, use VPN.

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