• How to get a German IP outside Germany
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    How to Get a German IP Address

    If you can’t access channels like Welt, ARD, ProSieben, ZDFneo, NDR Fernsehen, RTL Passion, and EinsFestival, then that must mean you’re not in Germany. Because these channels are geo-blocked outside of Germany and any access to them from outside German borders is denied. All you need to do to regain access to these channels is get your German IP address back. This is especially important to German expats who are looking for ways to reconnect with their hometown. How to Get a German IP Address Using a VPN Your IP address reveals your location, and if your ISP detects an IP address outside Germany, then you won’t be able to…

  • How to get an Australian IP address
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    How to Get Australian IP address Abroad

    If you’re an Aussie who lives outside Australia, you’ll definitely find the need for an Australian IP address. Once you exit Australian borders, you lose your Australian IP address and get the IP of the country you’re heading to. As an expat who loves to stay connected to his/her hometown country, you would appreciate being able to access content from back home. The only way you’ll be able to do that is if you get your Australian IP address back. In order to change your IP, you’ll need a VPN service provider. A VPN is capable of hiding your IP address so that you’re unidentifiable online, and nothing can be traced…

  • How to Get a UK IP Address Abroad
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    How to Get a UK IP Address Abroad

    Everyone knows that there are two countries in the world that dominate when it comes to the quality and versatility of content available: The US and the UK. Tania has written a great post on how to get a US IP address which you should check out. In this post, we’ll be taking a leap across the pond to talk about how to get a UK IP address outside of the UK. Just like the US, the UK has its own set of coveted channels and content that a UK IP can help you uncover. How can you go about getting a UK IP? The easiest, safest, and most reliable…

  • How to get an American IP address

    How to Get US IP Address Abroad

    There are many reasons why you would want to get yourself an American IP address. The US is the place to be whether for its streaming services, channels or websites. And because the US has all these to die for content, you’d want to have access to them no matter where you go. This, in particular, can be achieved if you get an American IP address. Only with a VPN can you get an American IP and thus get a hold of all the US-based content, websites, and services outside the US. Here’s how you can get an American IP address outside the US using a VPN. How to Get an…

  • How to Hide Your IP Address

    How to Hide Your IP Address

    There are many reasons why someone would want to hide their IP address, most of which have to do with being secure and private online. An IP address can be used to trace the user’s geographical location, which isn’t something a lot of people want. By hiding your IP address, you can keep your location hidden, stop someone from tracking you online, and avoid geographical blocks, bans, or filters. Here are 3 ways that you can use to help you hide your IP address. Before we move on, it’s important to note that these methods hide your public IP address, not your private IP. There are no methods for changing…

  • VPN Explained for Newbies

    VPN Explained for Newbies

    What exactly is a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It helps protect a company’s important data, or its privacy in general. VPN has become popular among individual users recently, as well. Individuals use VPN, not only for security, but for other reasons as well. VPNs allow individuals to access content that has been “geoblocked”. Geoblocked basically means that the content is not accessible from where you are trying to access it. You can find everything related to VPN explained in this help guide. VPN Explained – Protect Your Privacy All of your Internet traffic becomes encrypted when you connect to a VPN server. What this does is it…

  • Protect Privacy & Security Online - Beginner's Guide

    Protect Privacy & Security Online Beginner’s Guide

    How to protect privacy and security online? The Internet is full of potential hazards. Hackers and cybercriminals are virtually around every corner. They try to get access to sensitive data. Many DDoS attacks have been launched using devices of unsuspecting online users. In this beginner’s guide, I will provide you with easy-to-implement steps to increase your online privacy and security. While this is by no means an expert guide, it is intended for those who don’t have the technical knowledge or means to turn their computers into fortresses. Recent Online Privacy/Security Breaches There have been several recent security breaches. Here’s a list of the ones that made the news. December…

  • Check My IP Address

    My IP Address

    What is my IP address? Use the free IP address location lookup tool below, to find your IP, as well as an estimate of your current geographic location instantly. Get My IP Address Location   Find My IP Address Look Up Tool Breakdown As you can see, your IP address shows you country, city, and state location. The IP look up tool also enables you to check which browser and operating system you are using. ISP stands for Internet service provider. Your ISP is the one that controls your IP address. If you want to share the result with others, select ‘Copy Result Link’. The Google map, on the other…

  • VPN vs Proxies vs Tor
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    VPN vs Proxies vs Tor

    VPN vs Proxies vs Tor? If you are reading this comparison, you are probably looking for a way to hide your online identity or bypass geographic restrictions. Each of the these methods has its pros and cons. In this guide, I will compare VPN, Tor, and proxies and hopefully make it easier for you to decide which of tool suits your needs the most. VPN When it comes to online privacy, nothing protects you better than VPN. A virtual private network, abbreviated VPN, allows you to encrypt all of your traffic. This prevents potential hackers, and even your ISP, from spying on your online activity. No wonder that all major…

  • Private IP vs Public IP Address? What is the Difference?
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    Private IP vs Public IP Address? What is the Difference?

    An IP address is what your Internet-connected device uses in order to send and receive data from other devices. There are two kinds of Internet protocol (IP) addresses: Private IP address and public IP address. If you are wondering what the difference between Private IP vs Public IP is, read the following help guide for more information. You can also find instructions on how to change both your public IP address and your private IP address. Public IP Address – Private IP vs Public IP When you sign up with an Internet service provider, you are assigned a public IP address. This IP address allows you to surf the web,…