• How to Unblock Amazon Prime Video Abroad

    How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Outside the US

    In a time where on-demand shows and movies are increasingly popular, services like Amazon Prime Video are a couch potato’s life-savers. Unfortunately, the service is geo-blocked outside the United States, or a huge part of it to say the least. This is a huge upset for international viewers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere abroad as the content is very different to what is available in the US. Worry not my friends, you’ll be able to access Amazon Prime Video’s full US catalog if you make use of a small but tool called a Virtual Private Network. How to Unblock Amazon Prime Video Outside the US with a VPN Most of…

  • How to Watch HBO Go Outside the US

    How to Watch HBO Go Outside the US

    Once you go HBO, you never want to let go. If you’re a fan of high-quality shows and movies, then HBO Go is your best bet. The streaming service allows users to enjoy some of the best US TV shows on-demand, provided they live in the United States. Once you’re one step outside the US borders, you’ll lose all access to HBO Go even if you were a premium subscriber. However, there’s a workaround for those who unfortunately live in the UK, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere abroad. So, without further ado, here’s how you can watch HBO Go anywhere in the world. HBO Go – What the Fuss is All…

  • Best VPNs to Hide Your IP Address
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    Best VPN to Hide Your IP Address

    In the physical world, your ID is what represents your identity. On the virtual aspect, however, your IP address is your personal ID when you’re surfing the web. This means that whatever you do online is connected to your IP address, including pinpointing your whereabouts. This is why hiding your IP address is recommended. Here are  4 of the top VPNs that are more than efficient to cloak your IP address. How to Hide Your IP Address with a VPN Every web page we visit can view your IP address. This exposes you to potential cyber crimes and could lead cybercriminals to our virtual, and physical, doorstep. In fact, many…

  • How to Get a Portuguese IP Address
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    How to Get a Portuguese IP Address Anywhere

    Portugal’s internet access might be a bit harsh on its citizens due to the restrictions imposed by the government. However, Portuguese living abroad have unfinished business back in their home country which they need to sort out on a daily basis. When you live overseas, you lose access to your region’s content due to holding a foreign IP address. With a VPN, however, that can change. How to Get a Portugues IP Address Abroad with a VPN The content of every region varies based on physical divisions, censorship laws, and language barriers. These factors contribute to the fact that you may not get to watch your favorite shows on a foreign…

  • Unblock Hulu Abroad

    How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

    People who’ve watched Castle Rock, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Marvel’s Runaways are familiar with how amazing Hulu is. The popular streaming channel is rivaling the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in so many ways. Moreover, Hulu attracted more than 20 million subscribers with the services it offers. From original TV series to live broadcasting channels like HBO, ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, and Telemundo. However, sad is it may be, Hulu is geo-restricted to the United States only. Therefore, expats and travelers will have to make use of a VPN to unblock and watch the channel abroad. Unblock Hulu Outside the US with a VPN Fans of Disney resort to…

  • Access BBC iPlayer Abroad

    How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

    You’re probably here because you got banned from watching BBC iPlayer while traveling or living abroad. BBC iPlayer allows you to watch top hit series like Doctor Who, Bodyguard, and Miranda. It is, however, limited to UK viewers, which means – in theory – you can only watch it from inside the UK. Luckily, there’s a workaround that helps you bypass geo-restrictions and access BBC iPlayer abroad; a Virtual Private Network. How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Outside the UK with a VPN Watching BBC iPlayer with an IP address that’s not British will result in instant blocking. All you get is a geo-error message stating: “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due…

  • How to Watch Sky Go Outside the UK

    How to Unblock Sky Go Outside the UK

    For those who are not in the know, Sky Go might seem like one of those usual monthly subscription services. Well, no. There’s nothing usual about it. The channel offers exceptional content in amazing quality which makes it an absolute go to in the United Kingdom. Emphasis on “the UK”, the streaming service is only available for the country’s residents. Anyone living in the US, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere abroad have no access what so ever. But there is a way around to circumvent this issue. With a VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and jump right into a world of top shows, movies, and live sports provided by none other than…

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    How to Watch American Netflix Outside the US

    Netflix has become the number one high-end platform for all TV fans around the world. But have you ever wondered why your friends in the US are enjoying more of its content than you are in your region? I’ll answer that. The fact is there’s a catch to that only very few people know about. Various licensing deals and copyright laws limit your access. This means that you end up with what your country offers instead of having the extensive American catalog. But don’t worry, US residents won’t be the only ones enjoying Netflix’s full library. You’ll be able to do so as well by following this comprehensive guide. Different…

  • VPN Explained for Newbies

    VPN Explained for Newbies

    The internet nowadays is a pretty scary place to access without proper precautions. You’re not just surfing anymore; you’re trying to avoid the harsh environment the World Wide Web has become. Whenever you go online, you’re compromising your identity, location, private information, and so much more. That’s why internet users are resorting to alternatives in order to secure these crucial factors. What’s the solution? Well, a Virtual Private Network. VPNs are cybersecurity tools that help protect your data, hide your identity, and bypass geo-restrictions. I know, that’s not enough. You need more. That’s why this help guide has everything you need to know about what a VPN is, what it…

  • VPN vs Proxies vs Tor
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    VPN vs Proxies vs Tor

    VPN vs Proxies vs Tor? If you are reading this comparison, you are probably looking for a way to hide your online identity or bypass geographic restrictions. Each of the these methods has its pros and cons. In this guide, I will compare VPN, Tor, and proxies and hopefully make it easier for you to decide which of tool suits your needs the most. VPN When it comes to online privacy, nothing protects you better than VPN. A virtual private network, abbreviated VPN, allows you to encrypt all of your traffic. This prevents potential hackers, and even your ISP, from spying on your online activity. No wonder that all major…