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    Best VPN for PUBG in 2019 Revealed

    “Winner winner chicken dinner.” If you’re a fellow gamer and PUBG fanatic, you know the emotional rush you experience when you see this line. It is probably the proudest moment of any PUBG player as they are announced winners of the battle royale. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took the world by storm ever since its debut in late 2017. It went on to become one of the most popular video games in the industry, winning numerous accolades. But if you think you’re enjoying the game to the fullest, then think again. Using a VPN with the video game will bring forth so many benefits, and you can explore them in this guide.…

  • Review of Windscribe VPN

    Windscribe Review

    These days, with most businesses and people being online, our possibilities are almost endless. You can establish contact with a person from the other side of the world within seconds, order pretty much anything online and have it delivered to your home address, and even get a job without ever leaving your apartment. However, all these benefits, as well as many others on top of them, come at a price. And that price goes well beyond your internet subscription. To do everything that you can do, you often have to sacrifice your privacy and security. With all its benefits, the internet continues to be a very dangerous, and sometimes restrictive,…

  • ExpressVPN 49% Discount

    The Best ExpressVPN Discount Coupon

    Looking for a VPN provider but can’t make up your mind? Well, we understand the struggle. But what if I told you that ExpressVPN is going full ‘Godfather’ mode, and no, I don’t mean the ‘whacking’ part. The company is making you an offer you can’t refuse: a staggering 49% discount to anyone who subscribes to the service through our website. And that’s not all, you’ll get the first three months for FREE. Alright, so maybe the ‘whacking’ part is kind of true because this offer will blow the competition out of the water. Therefore, if you want to benefit from this exclusive ExpressVPN discount, read on. Exclusive ExpressVPN Discount…

  • 2019 Review of ZenMate VPN

    ZenMate VPN Review

    The modern age has brought a lot of advancement in terms of technology, greater awareness of social issues, and more. However, the negative was not far behind, and many would argue that we have a lot more problems than solutions these days. With the world migrating more and more towards a digital version, the same issues are appearing there. Today, depending on where you live,  your online freedom might be restricted, or even entirely taken away. Countries like China have power over what their citizens can do, see, or access. While China is considered an extreme case in this aspect, new internet laws are emerging around the world, and it…

  • Review of SwitchVPN

    SwitchVPN Review

    As the years go by, VPN services are becoming more and more necessary to browse the web safely and avoid online dangers, censorship, geo-restrictions, and such. With massive growth in demand, countless new VPN services emerged to offer their product to those seeking methods of protection. However, they are not always as good as they claim, which is why new arrivals to the VPN space need to know what they are getting themselves into when subscribing to a specific service. With that in mind, today we will cover SwitchVPN — a lesser-known VPN that still offers a number of useful features, but has a few downsides as well. Without further…

  • Review of Goose VPN

    Goose VPN Review

    As the number of online dangers increased over the years, so did the need to stay secure during our browsing sessions. The hazards of hackers and malware are always present — that’s something that hasn’t changed for decades. However, with each passing year, online laws are getting increasingly restrictive. And unfortunately, it’s internet users who end up suffering. As censorship, restrictions, and even criminal punishment threats grow, the rapid surge of VPN services should come as little surprise. The demand has simply gone too high, and the VPN market is a real battlefield these days. However, not all VPNs are alike, and choosing the right one is critical. Therefore, we…

  • Review of ProtonVPN

    ProtonVPN Review

    The demand for VPN services is higher than ever, and as such, it has inspired many new companies to emerge and offer their services. This is hardly surprising considering the constant cyber attacks, data leakages, online censorship, geo-restrictions, and government surveillance. In a lot of countries, only a fraction of the internet is accessible due to censorship, which is against the entire point of the world-wide-web. That’s why VPNs are such necessary tools, and why there are so many of them around. But how can you determine which is the best provider? By expolring its features and services. Since most people don’t know how to assess these services, we are…

  • 2019 Review of Trust.Zone

    Trust.Zone Review

    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become extremely popular (and needed) in recent years. And as things stand, it looks like their popularity is about to grow even further. Therefore, many VPN providers were compelled to develop and improve their services in order to stand out in the industry and outperform their competition. Among them is Trust.Zone, a Seychelles-based company that offers a decent amount of features, even though it’s not a top performer. The service is still, however, worthy of consideration for users who seek to protect their online anonymity and secure their traffic. Features 157 servers in 87 different locations (34 countries): Trust.Zone has a more than decent network…

  • Review for Hotspot Shield

    Hotspot Shield Review

    The online world is filled with hazards that can endanger users’ privacy and security. That is why VPN users need a strong, efficient service that can protect them. There are several characteristics that define a good VPN provider. They include things like decent speed, strong security and privacy measures, and a vast network of servers that can bypass restrictions. Hotspot Shield VPN checks all these boxes, with great speeds, strong protection methods, and over 2,500 server-large networks. The company was developed and operated by AnchorFree, which is based in Silicon Valley. While this puts Hotspot Shield under the US jurisdiction, the service is still one of the oldest and most…