WhatisMyIP.network has always been the tool users visit to check their IP addresses. Over time, the website expanded to become a trustful guide giving you everything tech-related. It doesn’t matter what subject you’re looking for. Whether it’s online security, privacy, bypassing regional restrictions, and of course, VPNs, we have it all.

Our team works hard in getting accurate information to produce easy-to-read guides that help solve hard-to-comprehend tech-problems. Also, our website presents unbiased reviews of VPN providers so that our readers can get the best there is on the market. As you may know, we get commissions from our sponsors if a purchase took place. However, that does not cloud our honesty one bit. No sponsors play a part in influencing our listings and rankings. But you may ask yourself: What’s this website’s real aim? Who’s behind each and every article on their page? Well, let’s answer that for you, shall we?

The Founder

James McArthurJames McArthur is the founder of Whatismyip.network. He regularly publishes articles that mainly focus on online privacy and security. You see, he’s been doing this for over 15 years, traveling the world and learning every online aspect a single country has. He’s been to the UK, US, Denmark, and all over the world testing the internet restrictions in those regions. Not only that, but James is also a tech-pro. He’ll help you out with any problem you face when it comes to internet-connected devices.

If you want to set up DNS or VPN on a streaming device, gaming console, or even your router, James can help you out. All in all, he started this website so that you can protect your privacy and expand your freedom from censorship, regional restrictions, and the likes. Check out his articles and let us know your feedback in the comments.

Heather Evans

Heather Evans

Heather is a resident author at Whatismyip.network. Her guides and articles mainly focus on how using tools such as VPN and proxies can help you overcome artificial online restrictions.

She has written multiple guides to help streamers unblock their favorite channels in restricted regions. That’s not all. Heather also is a constant streamer, which is why she has given you various walkthroughs on how to watch a certain show live online anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, Heather cherishes our users’ security and privacy. Even when she’s talking about a show, she will remind you to use a VPN and protect yourself online all the time. Plus, she’s a big fan of online anonymity. Heather will help you conceal your identity and surf the web freely.

Tania Becker

Tania BeckerTania‘s work at Whatismyip.network revolves around covering the latest cybersecurity news. Whatever is happening on the World Wide Web, Tania will be there to cover it and bring you the scoop first. Over time, Tania has written various VPN reviews to ensure the users the perfect experience. She will give you all the information you need to separate the good apples from the bad ones.

Tania has also written several guides on how to bypass regional restrictions. If you desire a specific channel, visit her easy-to-comprehend guides, and you’ll be a-okay. Tania doesn’t like it when geo-restrictions limit a user’s access to free internet. That’s why she’ll help you out to get the best internet experience ever.

What We Do

Our work takes a lot of time to present you with the best guides possible. We’ve been giving you comprehensive walkthroughs, top VPN reviews, and comparison for a while now. Our primary focus is to help those with limited tech information to make more tech-savvy decisions. If you’re stuck with a problem, we’re sure we have a guide for that.

Our analysts go through extensive research to gather enough information to suits your needs. Writing a guide relies on honesty and hard facts. That’s why you’ll notice a lot of real-life quotes, screenshots, and facts that will help ease your task. That’s not all. We’ve even made it more flexible for our readers as they can reach out to us any time by using our comment section. We reply almost instantly. Just state your problem, and we’ll be right with you to solve it.

Ranking Process?

You might ask yourself, what sort of criteria do we follow while reviewing a VPN provider. Well, based on facts, stats, and a lot more factors, we make a decision and create an unbiased review. Here’s what we look at:

  • Pricing: We look at the VPN’s cost. If it’s expensive, we take a look at its features to determine whether it’s worth the money or not.
  • Features: This part depends on what the VPN has to offer. It should definitely have the basics. Any extra feature will give it a plus on our list.
  • Compatibility: We make sure that the VPN we’re reviewing can reach a vast number of operating systems, including iOS, PC, Mac, Android, and Fire Stick.
  • Speed Tests: Speed is an essential factor in our ranking process. If the VPN is slow, no one will invest in its services.
  • No-Log Policy: It’s the first thing we look at. VPNs are made for privacy. If it keeps logs, it compromises your private information. That’s when it doesn’t make it on our high-ranking list.
  • Warrant Canary: Our team digs a bit deeper to determine whether this section is updated regularly or not. We don’t want our readers to invest in a VPN that has been compromised by the government.
  • Refund Policy: A credible VPN always offers a way out for its customers. If there’s no money-back guarantee, it should have a free trial. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Our Main Source of Revenue

Whenever we write an article/guide, you’ll notice that certain links are present. These are links that direct a reader to one of our advertisers. When the reader makes a purchase, the service or company will provide us with a commission. That’s our primary source of revenue.

Now, you’ll definitely ask yourself, how much does this affect our reviews and honesty? Actually, not even a bit. You will notice that in our reviews we criticize every company and provider if it slips up. Getting revenue from an advertiser will not stop us from giving you the honesty you crave for.

We never allow it to tamper with our judgment and integrity just to make a few pennies. Remember, we’re advertising a product, which means that it has its advantages and disadvantages. And yeah, we’re completely free to slam it or praise it, depends on how it’s handling its merchandise.