• How to Get a Japanese IP Address Abroad
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    How to Get a Japanese IP Address Abroad

    Following our IP address spoofing series, we’ll be discussing how you can get a Japanese IP address outside of Japan. For Japanese expats, a Japanese IP is the easiest way to regain access to the content you lost upon leaving Japan. All you need to do is get yourself a VPN and follow the steps in this article. How to Get a Japanese IP Address Abroad Using a VPN The moment you step foot outside of Japan, you lose access to the local Japanese content. This happens because your Japanese IP is only available to you within Japan. Local content, usually, is geo-restricted to a specific country. Geo-restrictions work on…

  • 5 signs that your computer is hacked
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    Is My Computer Hacked?

    We all have been hacked at some point or another in our lives. And today, hacking attempts and cyber attacks are more sophisticated and well developed, posing a threat to users’ personal data. You might eliminate the possibility of a hacker targeting you- a regular internet user- for any sort of information when actually, you shouldn’t. Hackers do target institutions and companies, but they also go for easy prey like you. The worst part is you might not even see it coming. This is why we’re here to list for you five signs your computer may have been hacked. Five Signs that Your Computer is Hacked 1-  Random pop-ups If…

  • How to get a Turkish IP address abroad
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    How to Get a Turkish IP Address Abroad

    With the right tools and methods, you can get a Turkish IP almost instantly. You’re probably someone who is hung up on Turkish series and can’t go a day without daily dosage of drama. Luckily, with a VPN, you don’t have to miss out on any Turkish content no matter where you might be. All you really need is a Turkish IP address and you can access all the Turkish based services and channels in any part of the world. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how you can use a VPN to gain a Turkish IP address and bypass geo-restrictions. How to Get a Turkish IP Address Using a VPN Whether…

  • 7 Common Mobile Security Threats
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    7 Common Mobile Security Threats

    It’s 2018 and online security is more important than ever. Now that more people favor their mobile devices to computers or tablets, more threats are being directed towards all things mobile. Here are the 7 most common mobile security threats you may run into. The 7 Most Common Mobile Security Threats Let’s be real for a second. As a species, we’ve become heavily reliant on the internet for many of the every-day tasks that we do. The problem is, the more we come up with new ways to benefit from the internet (i.e. tech), the more we’ll have to deal with new tech-based and Internet-based attacks.  Despite all that, most…

  • Five Online Privacy Tips
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    5 Online Privacy Tips You Simply Have to Follow

    Privacy is scarce these days, especially on the Internet. The minute you go online, you are putting your private information at risk of being exposed, stolen, or even hacked. With that being said, here are five privacy tips you need in order to stay safe and lowkey online. Five Online Privacy Tips 1. Use a VPN VPNs are the most reliable tools used to protect users’ privacy online. They act as secure gateways to the Internet. A VPN will reroute all of your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which will keep it safe from third parties. As a result, ISPs cannot spy on your online activities, and hackers cannot make sense of the encrypted messages. The VPN hides…

  • How to get a Chinese IP address abroad
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    How to Get a Chinese IP Address Abroad

    We all know how tough China is in terms of Internet restrictions. In spite of its oppressive Internet censorship, many Chinese expats living abroad or those vacationing outside China feel the need to access content from back home. However, due to geo-restrictions doing that is nearly impossible without a Chinese IP address. The only way they can access Chinese based content is if they employ a VPN service provider that would provide them with a Chinese IP address. Here’s how that can be done. How to Get a Chinese IP Address Using a VPN Getting a Chinese IP address is simple and fast. All you need to do is subscribe…

  • How to change IP address to another location
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    How to Change IP Location

    Whenever you connect to the Internet using a certain device whether a PC, a mobile or a tablet, an IP address is assigned to it. This particular IP address is given to you by your Internet service provider. Although ISPs make sure that you get easy access to the web, you give them the opportunity to track you whenever you’re online. Your IP address reveals your location and gives away a lot of information about you. And sometimes, your IP address stands in the way of you accessing content from abroad. Even though you can’t completely get rid of your IP, there’s a way you can change it. That way…

  • How to get a Spanish IP address
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    How to Get a Spanish IP Address Outside Spain

    Well, it was nice while it lasted. Back when you were in Spain, you were able to access all kinds of Spanish content. From services to channels, all the Spanish based content was at your fingertips. However, the moment you were outside the Spanish borders you lost the one thing that made you eligible to access that content in the first place, and that is your Spanish IP address. Worry not, you can still get it back. All you need is a VPN service provider. Learn how you can get a Spanish IP address outside Spain using a VPN in this article. How to Get a Spanish IP Address Using…

  • How to Hide Your IP Address While Torrenting
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    Hide Your IP Address While Torrenting in 3 Easy Steps

    Torrents are a common way for many internet users to download and share files, music, movies, books, software, and even games. Anyone who’s used a Torrent client before knows that torrenting opens you up to a whole lot of risks. Even if you’re not doing anything illegal, you might not be aware of certain copyright laws that apply to specific content. Sometimes, a Torrent might be infected with malicious software, also known as a malware. Malware hides in your system and runs silently in the background. It can report your information to third-parties and mess with your system in general. If you want to Torrent without worrying about all of…

  • How to get a French IP outside France
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    How to get a French IP Address outside France

    Getting a French IP address no matter where you are the world is surprisingly easy. You can’t permanently change your IP address assigned to you by your ISP because your IP address is linked to your location. It follows you anywhere. However, what you can do is temporarily replace it with one from another country. This would suit French expats so well considering that they lose their French IP once they exit France’s borders. Here’s how you can get it back with a VPN. How to Get a French IP Address outside France Using a VPN A VPNs can make the IP switch happen securely and quickly. All you have to…