• How to change IP to another country
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    How to Change IP Address to Another Country

    Your IP address can determine your geo-location. That means ISPs and websites can know where you are thanks to the IP address assigned to you. This can be a problem for those who try to access content from different countries. There is some content that you can’t access if you’re not located in the country where it’s based. You’ll need the IP address of that specific country in order to gain access to such content. For that, you’ll have to change your IP. Changing the IP address is an easy process that involves a virtual private network. A VPN can grant users the IP address of any country once connected to a…

  • How to get a French IP outside France
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    How to get a French IP Address outside France

    Getting a French IP address no matter where you are the world is surprisingly easy. You can’t permanently change your IP address assigned to you by your ISP because your IP address is linked to your location. It follows you anywhere. However, what you can do is temporarily replace it with one from another country. This would suit French expats so well considering that they lose their French IP once they exit France’s borders. Here’s how you can get it back with a VPN. How to Get a French IP Address outside France Using a VPN A VPNs can make the IP switch happen securely and quickly. All you have to…

  • How to get a German IP outside Germany
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    How to Get a German IP Address

    If you can’t access channels like Welt, ARD, ProSieben, ZDFneo, NDR Fernsehen, RTL Passion, and EinsFestival, then that must mean you’re not in Germany. Because these channels are geo-blocked outside of Germany and any access to them from outside German borders is denied. All you need to do to regain access to these channels is get your German IP address back. This is especially important to German expats who are looking for ways to reconnect with their hometown. How to Get a German IP Address Using a VPN Your IP address reveals your location, and if your ISP detects an IP address outside Germany, then you won’t be able to…

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    How to Get a Canadian IP address

    If you’re a Canadian expat, you’re probably wondering how you can access some of your hometown content. The only way you’ll be able to do that is if you get back your Canadian IP address. The reason why we’re saying “get back” is because you lose your Canadian IP once you leave Canada’s borders. In order to get your Canadian IP address back, all you need to do is connect to a virtual private network. A VPN can change your IP address into a Canadian one, that way you’ll be able to access Canadian TV channels on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. How to Get a Canadian IP address…

  • How to get an Australian IP address
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    How to Get Australian IP address Abroad

    If you’re an Aussie who lives outside Australia, you’ll definitely find the need for an Australian IP address. Once you exit Australian borders, you lose your Australian IP address and get the IP of the country you’re heading to. As an expat who loves to stay connected to his/her hometown country, you would appreciate being able to access content from back home. The only way you’ll be able to do that is if you get your Australian IP address back. In order to change your IP, you’ll need a VPN service provider. A VPN is capable of hiding your IP address so that you’re unidentifiable online, and nothing can be traced…

  • How to get an American IP address

    How to Get US IP Address Abroad

    There are many reasons why you would want to get yourself an American IP address. The US is the place to be whether for its streaming services, channels or websites. And because the US has all these to die for content, you’d want to have access to them no matter where you go. This, in particular, can be achieved if you get an American IP address. Only with a VPN can you get an American IP and thus get a hold of all the US-based content, websites, and services outside the US. Here’s how you can get an American IP address outside the US using a VPN. How to Get an…