How to change IP to another country

How to Change IP Address to Another Country

Hi there. In this article I will cover how to change your IP address from one country to another country. The same will apply if you want to change your virtual location from one city to another in the the same country. There are multiple reasons why you might want to do that. But let’s dig into what the relation between and IP address and your virtual location is.

Your IP address is a unique identifier on the Internet. Amongst other things it can determine your geo-location. That means ISPs and websites can know where you are based on to the IP address assigned to you. This is good news as you will be served content relevant to your location.

However, this might be a problem if you try to access content from a location that differs from your actual or online geo location. The cons that come to mind are :

  • This is an issue because there is some content that you can’t access if you’re not located in the country where it’s based. You might also want to change your IP address for other reasons. In this article I will cover :
  • You might want to change your IP address to appear to be coming from a different city in the same country :
    • Bypass sport event blackouts. MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL to name a few
    • Get better deals in online stores, as there might be deals that differ from city to city
  • Changing your IP country has the following benefits :
    • If abroad, it allows you to access all the sites back home that are geo restricted. See, if you are a UK expat in Spain, you can not access BBC Iplayer. And so on.
    • You just dont want the website to know your real location

The most popular option to get a different IP within or without a country is VPN. I will explain what a VPN is and how this whole procedure works below :

How to change IP to another country
How to change IP to another country

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A VPN To Change Your Online Location ?

A VPN, virtual private network, is a secure method of sending your internet traffic through another server over the Internet. It creates a digital tunnel in which all your traffic passes through and gets encrypted in. This happens upon connecting to a VPN server. Your traffic gets rerouted through that server, and you end up with the IP address of that server in the country where it is located.

This happens because your traffic goes through the tunnel established and leaves to access the websites you want from the end of this tunnel. So the source of your traffic appears to be the server. You will no longer appear to be browsing the web from where you currently reside. Instead, you would appear to be browsing using the new IP address you were provided with. You get the IP address of any country you want. You just have to choose a VPN that reliably works and has servers there. Follow these steps to get the IP address of any country you want:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider (preferably ExpressVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on the device you’re using.
  3. Launch the application.
  4. Connect to a server in the country you wish to have its IP address.
  5. Check your new IP Here.
  6. You now appear to be using the web with the IP address of another country.
  7. Enjoy your access to all of the content based in that country.
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Any other methods ?

There are other ways out there to change your country location, such public proxy lists. But that is asking for trouble, as you dont know who runs those proxy lists and if that operator is intercepting and reading your private information.  A better option is to use the Smart DNS Service of the VPN provider. The main differences are :

  1. Your traffic is not encrypted.
  2. It is easy to setup, for some devices that do not support VPN such as your Smart TV this is your only option.
  3. You can not access all the Internet as if you appear from one country. See the next point.
  4. Smart DNS Traffic does NOT reroute all your traffic, it only reroutes small portions.
    • You want to access BBC Iplayer from Spain, but you do not want to send all of your traffic through a VPN server.
    • Setup Smart DNS
    • Now you can access BBC Iplayer, but the rest of your traffic will not leave through that tunnel, instead it leaves through your regular Spanish IP address.

Now What ?

You have two reliable choices. Use a  ExpressVPN encrypt and send all your traffic through the VPN tunnel, this adds security and privacy. If you simply want to access a media site such as BBC, Netflix or Hulu go for the Smart DNS Proxy Service of the same VPN provider, only the parts related to the media channel are re-routed. Let me know if you have any questions.

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