Is My Computer Hacked?

We all have been hacked at some point or another in our lives. And today, hacking attempts and cyber attacks are more sophisticated and well developed, posing a threat to users’ personal data. You might eliminate the possibility of a hacker targeting you- a regular internet user- for any sort of information when actually, you shouldn’t. Hackers do target institutions and companies, but they also go for easy prey like you. The worst part is you might not even see it coming. This is why we’re here to list for you five signs your computer may have been hacked.

5 signs that your computer is hacked

5 signs that your computer is hacked

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Five Signs that Your Computer is Hacked

1-  Random pop-ups

If you start seeing pop-ups in your web browser more than you normally do, then you might want to have your computer checked. This is one of the most obvious indications of a computer being hacked.

2- Antivirus shutting down

If you notice that your antivirus is not working anymore, and you can’t open the Task Manager, this means that your system has been tampered with.

3- Programs you didn’t install show up

If you so happen to notice an unknown program on your system, it’s probably a malicious one. A malicious program may be in the form of a legitimate software in order to get into your computer. This is usually done by worms or malware that attach to other software to get installed together.

4- Your passwords don’t work anymore

If you for some reason can longer access your online accounts, that means you have been hacked. This is usually done by sending you an authentic-looking email from an organization or service you’re signed up for, asking to update your password by clicking the included link. Once you do that, the hackers gain access to your accounts, and they change your password.

5- Fake emails coming from your account

If a virus has compromised your email, it might also try to spread it by sending malicious emails to your contacts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your computer has been hacked. But, if the fake email includes your name and email address, it is probable that that’s the case.

6- Your Computer Runs Slows Than Usual

One of the most telling signs that malware or viruses have been installed on your computer is the fact your PC starts running slow. Malicious software can eat up your device’s memory. As a result, you might find it hard to launch even the smallest of programs.

What to Do if Your Computer Gets Hacked

Once you recognize that your computer has been hacked, you must take the necessary actions to combat the threats. You might be able to lessen the less the damage that the hackers cause you. So here’s what you need to do.

Change all of your passwords for your online accounts. It’s crucial that you set a two-factor authentication for important online accounts. Remember to regularly clean cookies and never click on suspicious links nor download applications from unidentifiable sources.

Make sure to install an antivirus program as well. Keep it updated and run periodic scans to check whether your computer has been infected or not.

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