How to Get a German IP Address


As a German expat, you will find difficulty in accessing German-based content. I’m a live example. During my stay in the US, I was unable to stream, let alone access ProSieben due to geographical restrictions. As long as I am outside German borders, German channels, websites, and services remain inaccessible to me. The only way I can access them is if I have a German IP address that reflects my current location.

But, that doesn’t have to be a permanent situation. After some deep digging, I discovered an online tool that can help me get past these geo-restrictions, and that is a VPN service provider. Its software removes restrictions by granting you a German IP address, and the process is straightforward.

How to get a German IP outside Germany

How to get a German IP outside Germany

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Get a German IP Address

If you can’t access channels like Welt, ARD, ProSieben, ZDFneo, NDR Fernsehen, RTL Passion, and EinsFestival, then that must mean you’re not in Germany. These channels are geo-blocked outside of Germany, and any access to them from outside the country is denied. All you need to do to regain access to these channels is get your German IP address back. It is especially crucial to German expats who are looking for ways to reconnect with their hometown. Your IP address reveals your location. If your ISP detects an IP address outside Germany, you won’t be able to access any German-based services or channels. However, as I mentioned above, this problem can be fixed with a virtual private network.

A VPN is a private network that connects your device PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad to one of its servers in different countries over the Internet. As a result, you get to browse the Internet using that server’s internet connection. You will also get the IP address of the server in the country where the service you’re trying to access is based. Consequently, you’ll be able to access content that you usually can’t in your own country. A VPN is all about security. The companies’ primary goal is your online protection. Your data gets wrapped in encryption protocols in the very same tunnel where your data gets rerouted. Not only do you get access to overseas content, but you also gain online protection along the way.

Unblocking Steps with a VPN

All you have to do to get a German IP address is the following:

  1. Sign up with a VPN that provides VPN servers in Germany like ExpressVPN.
  2. Next, download and install your VPN app on your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device.
  3. Sign in and start using the application.
  4. Select a German server and connect to it.
  5. Check your IP address via our IP identifier to make sure it changed.
  6. As of now, you can surf the Internet with your German IP address as if you are in Germany.

Best VPN for German IP Address

I can’t think of a better VPN than ExpressVPN. The no-logs company promises its subscribers a safe browsing experience where they can access whatever content they want at the highest levels of security possible. One of the reasons why it’s so secure is due to its implementation of the OpenVPN protocol. You can contact the company’s 24/7 customer support for any question you may have.

For added value, the company’s apps are easy to use and have clients for multiple platforms. It’s worth mentioning that ExpressVPN operates a huge network of 2,000+ global VPN servers optimized for fast connections. Understandingly, you can easily connect to a German IP address no matter where you are. You can also benefit from its 30-day refund policy. Don’t subscribe right away; give it a 30-day trial. In the table below, you’ll find other VPN options, make sure you check them out.

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Why Need a German IP Address?

Whether you’re in the UK, the US, Canada, or Australia, with a VPN, you get to appear to be connecting from Germany. Below, I’ll state most of the reasons why one would consider the possibility of getting a German IP address.

Access geo-restricted content

A German IP address is your only option for accessing geo-restricted websites, services, content, and channels. German expats in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and France will need to spoof their location. That way, they trick German websites into thinking they are in Germany as opposed to where they really are.

 An anonymous identity

With a new IP address, no third party can know who you are. You can browse the web freely and anonymously. The reason behind this anonymity goes back to the rerouting process that takes place upon connecting to a VPN server. All of your data gets rerouted through that server, turning you into an unrecognizable online user.

Access bank accounts

Accessing your bank or financial accounts necessitates a German IP address. You will need to prove that you are on German soil to log in to your bank account. Most financial institutions forbid international logins for security purposes. So, all you have to do is replace your IP address with a German one using a VPN.  

Stream national content

You may need a German IP address to catch up with the local news on national channels. Also, you might want to watch ARD Mediathek or ProSieben videos.

Watch German’s Netflix

Perhaps you’re interested in your own country’s Netflix. Without proving that you are in Germany and a proud German IP address holder, you won’t be able to access your Netflix’s version.

German IP Address – Conclusion

Not being able to access the content you’re used to can be frustrating. But, at least, there is something you can do about it. Whether you’re a German expat or a fan of German content, you’re just a VPN subscription away from accessing all the German-based channels, websites, accounts, and services you want.

What German content are you after? Are you a ProSieben devotee like me? If you know other ways in which you can get a German IP address, let me know. Whatever you need a German IP address for, I would like to read about it in the comment section below.

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