How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

You’re probably here because you got banned from watching BBC iPlayer while traveling or living abroad. BBC iPlayer allows you to watch top hit series like Doctor Who, Bodyguard, and Miranda. It is, however, limited to UK viewers, which means – in theory – you can only watch it from inside the UK. Luckily, there’s a workaround that helps you bypass geo-restrictions and access BBC iPlayer abroad; a Virtual Private Network.

Access BBC iPlayer Abroad

Watch BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

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How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Outside the UK with a VPN

Watching BBC iPlayer with an IP address that’s not British will result in instant blocking. All you get is a geo-error message stating:

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.”

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, you have to have a UK IP address. Fortunately, a VPN will let you pretend to be in Britain to access iPlayer anywhere you are in the world. All you have to do is connect to a UK server provided by your VPN. This will lead to obtaining a British IP address and spoofing your online location to virtually appear within the United Kingdom’s borders. As a result, when BBC reads your IP, it’ll determine that you’re inside its area of coverage and give you full access to its streaming content.

Here’s how the bypassing process goes down:

  1. Sign up with a reputable VPN provider, ExpressVPN comes to mind first.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your Android, iOS, PC, or Mac.
  3. Sign in with your VPN account.
  4. Now, connect to a US server and launch BBC iPlayer.
  5. Check for your newly acquired IP address by using our IP verifier.
  6. Finally, you’ll be watching the best that UK TV has to offer overseas.
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Devices Compatible with BBC iPlayer

iPlayer has a whole set of devices to be streamed on, take a look:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • PS4, PS3
  • Xbox
  • Apple TV

What’s on BBC iPlayer

You can stream high-quality TV, radio shows, sports, as well as movies on BBC iPlayer. Here are my top picks:

  • The Apprentice
  • EastEnders
  • Mrs. Wilson
  • Master Chef: The Professionals
  • Doctor Who
  • Dynasties
  • Click
  • Doctors
  • Premier League
  • Formula 1
  • Cricket

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