Why It’s Important to Hide Your IP Address

Every computer or device has its own IP address that serves as an identification number when users go online. It helps web hosts determine your location and track your activity. While this may sound a bit frightening, most users will ignore the cyber risks related to IP addresses and go about their online activity. That is why they have to get a VPN and hide their IP address.

Hide Your IP Address

Why It’s Important to Hide Your IP Address

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In the guide below we’ll show you why it is vital to hide your IP address, and how a VPN can help you that.

What Is an IP Address?

An Internet Protocol address, better known as IP address, is the identification number attached to any device connected to the internet. They serve to determine the identity and location of the user. Through it, web hosts can see where you’re from and track your activity.

You should note, however, that when you’re online, the internet shares your internet service provider’s IP address, not your device’s. This means that any website you visit can pinpoint which city you’re from, but not your exact location (street, building).

But this can still be considered as an invasion of privacy. Therefore, it is critical that users know how to hide their IP address.

Why You Should Hide Your IP Address

With so many cyber threats lurking nowadays, internet surfers have to protect themselves at all times. Antivirus and firewall programs are great tools, but sometimes they are just not enough. You need to hide your IP address to enjoy:

  • Online anonymity: You’ll be able to browse the internet anonymously because no one can monitor your traffic, not even your ISP.
  • Location secrecy: Web hosts will also find it extremely difficult to pinpoint your location without an IP address.
  • Access to blocked content: Countries like China, North Korea, and Iran limit internet access to their residents. But users can bypass any government censorship by hiding their IP.
  • Access to streaming channels: Streaming services like YouTube, ESPN, and HBO use geolocation to block content outside the US. Well they won’t be able to identify your location if you’re hiding your IP.
  • Public WiFi security: Concealing your IP will protect you from hackers that might be lurking on public WiFi connections.
  • Zero-logging: Search engines like Google track users’ queries and data. But they won’t be able to if you’re hiding your IP.
  • Protection from snooping: Disguising your IP address will increase your security and keep you safe from government surveillance, online snoopers, and hackers.
  • Limitless internet access at school or work: Network administrators at schools or places of business use a firewall to block YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. But if you mask your IP, you’ll avoid any form of restriction.
  • Unlimited and secure torrenting: Any file download or upload history will remain hidden.
  • Cheaper prices when shopping online: Changing your IP address allows to compare prices and get better deals when you shop online.
  • Cheaper tickets and hotel prices: Not only is it great for online shopping, but hiding your IP can also get you some great deals on flight tickets and hotel room packages.
  • Access to VoIP services: Those who live in the UAE or anywhere where VoIP services are blocked know what I’m talking about. You have to get a new IP address from outside the UAE to unblock video call apps like Skype and WhatsApp Calling.

How VPNs Conceal Your IP Address

A VPN is short for virtual private network. It is a software that can spoof your location by redirecting your internet connection to a server from another region. It also hides your IP address and replaces it with another one, making it appear as if you were somewhere else.

That’s not all. VPNs also encrypt your traffic and data, so no one will be able to track or monitor your online activity.

If you’re still a noob to the VPN industry, check out the best VPNs to mask your IP address.

How to Determine Your IP Address

You can use an IP checker to determine your IP address, in case you don’t know or forgot the number. IP checkers use public databases to find out your IP address. They usually reveal the IP of the internet service provider and not your own, because they don’t have any info concerning your identity. The only way for your name to appear in an IP database is if you registered to a netblock, which cannot happen behind your back.

Conceal Your IP Address

Top Reasons to Hide Your IP Address

Why It’s Important to Hide Your IP Address – Conclusion

Online hazards are growing everyday. That is why it is very important to take every measure available to protect yourself from any possible threat. Antivirus apps and firewalls can shield you from many dangers, but they are helpless if the attack is too big. That is why the only way to prevent any online security breach is by using a VPN and hiding your IP address.

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