How to Watch DigiTurk Play Outside Turkey

Wherever you are, you should’ve come across a Turkish series dubbed in your country’s language. Turkish television is going global, but that’s only half of it. If you live in the country itself, you’ll get double the content courtesy of channels like Digiturk Play. The service came from the first broadcaster in Turkey, Digiturk. As of now, it has over 3.6 million subscribers (locally). But what about those living abroad? What can Turkish expats do with there subscription that no longer works overseas due to geo-restrictions?

How to Watch Digiturk Play Outside Turkey

How to Watch Digiturk Play Outside Turkey

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But First! A Quick Digiturk Play Intro

Television is widely popular in Turkey. In over 20 million households, you’ll find almost 25% of them have a Pay-TV subscription. Well, almost 3.6 million of those have a Digiturk Play subscription.

The channel offers a huge library consisting of 200+ entertainment and sports channels from all over the world. The best thing about the service is that you don’t need a valid cable subscription to operate.

All you have to do is purchase a specific plan (Based on your needs), create an account, and you’re all set and done. In case you don’t know what the channel offers, here are the available Digiturk Play Packages:

  • Family Package ($19.9/Month)
    • TLC, beIN Sports, Al Jazeera, TRT Children, beIN Trace, TRT Music, and more
  • Super Fan Package ($39.9/Month)
    • Five beIN Sports channels, Galatasaray TV, TRT 2, FB TV, Test Channel, and more.
  • Sports Package ($39.4/Month)
    • Dream TV, All beIN Sports channels, A Sport, TRT Sports, TJK TV, Galatasaray TV, FB TV, etc…

Once you get a subscription, you can stream Digiturk Play on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, as well as Apple TV.

Now, The Problem!

Something that good always comes with a catch. If you’re reading this guide, then Digiturk Play already blocked your access. Let me guess; you’re abroad. Well, yeah, that’s the problem with streaming channels all around the world.

Due to copyright laws, the channel is only allowed to broadcast its content within Turkish borders. Anyone living outside is strictly prohibited from accessing the service’s library. But how does it figure out where you’re at? That’s an easy question — your public IP address.

You see, whenever you connect to the internet, your device receives specific information, one of them is a public IP. These digits act as a GPS that helps any service determine your current whereabouts. So, if you try to access Digiturk Play outside Turkey, this geo-error message will pop up:

“bulunduğunuz ülke/bölge’den bu yayını izleme hakkınız bulunmamaktadır.”Digiturk Play Error

Now I only took two Turkish courses before, but I can tell if you’re being blocked or not. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You came here for a solution, and one you shall get. Keep scrolling, Digiturk Play’s unblocking process is next.

A Solution: Digiturk Play Globally

Since the problem lies in your IP address, you need to change that so you could watch Digiturk Play in your region. How? Well, the easiest way to do so is by using a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a tool that helps you to access geo-restricted content from all over the world.

It does that by rerouting your online traffic through a dedicated server in a country of your choosing. Once you establish a VPN connection, your data will seem to be coming from the region where the server is based, granting you an IP address in the country.

Finally, when you approach the restricted channel/website, it’ll take on the impression of you being a current resident within its broadcasting area. As a result, you’ll have full access to its content no matter where you might be.

Unblocking Digiturk Play is an effortless task. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, you must create a VPN account by signing up for a VPN service. In case you’re new to this, try ExpressVPN out.
  2. Now that you have an account, get their dedicated VPN application straight from their website or your native App Store.
  3. After that, activate the VPN application and sign in using your username and password.
  4. Next (the most important part), connect to a Turkish server.
  5. You’ll have to wait a few seconds for the connection to take place. Once you see the Green Connected button, check your new IP address using our IP Tool.
  6. Finally, launch Digiturk Play and stream its content wherever you are.

Why ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN LogoIf you’ve seen my reviews before, you’ll notice that I evaluate VPNs with an unbiased approach. Based on facts and statistics, ExpressVPN has been topping the charts for quite some time now. The reason for that is that it offers excellent services for customers. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The VPN provider has more than 3000 servers across 160 locations, including Turkey. That’s not all; these servers are speedy, you wouldn’t notice the speed drop the VPN encryption causes.

As for security, ExpressVPN excels in that territory. First, it protects your data with the latest military-grade encryptions. And second, you’ll be able to choose between several security protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP (Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol), and more.

When it comes to privacy, your data is perfectly safe. That’s because the VPN has a strict no-logging policy. It doesn’t keep logs of your browsing activities, which makes it totally fine if the government decided to snoop around and harvest your data. It won’t find anything since there’s was nothing, to begin with.

Other features of ExpressVPN include:

  • Killswitch (Cuts your internet connection if the VPN network drops).
  • Free Smart DNS service (MediaStreamer)
  • Five-Star customer support
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Split tunneling

With that said, I have to mention that although ExpressVPN is the best out there, it’s not the only one capable of handling such a task. You can unblock Digiturk Play anywhere using these VPN providers as well.

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What to Expect from Digiturk Play?

Now that you’ve managed to unblock the channel outside of Turkey, wouldn’t you want to know what the fuss is all about? Subscribers to the service can tap into thousands of hours of streaming content. But since there’s too much to search for, let me give you a couple of titles to start with:

  • Ask Aglatir
  • Elimi Birakma
  • The Weakest Link
  • Gel Hemserim
  • You Are Everywhere
  • Orman Yolu
  • Kaz Daglari
  • Super League
  • Sirt Cantam
  • Imza Yemekler
  • Sicak Firin
  • Hep Fit
  • 5 Sef
  • Kahve?
  • Tadi Baska

Stream Digiturk Abroad – Final Words

Digiturk Play is the leading Pay-TV in Turkey. It’s very popular and even became more popular after beIN acquired the company in 2015. That’s why you’ll be able to watch content from beIN with a valid Digiturk subscription. As for those expats living abroad, you’ll have no problem getting the channel after finishing this guide. All you have to do is use a VPN, connect to a Turkish server, and stream Digiturk Play anywhere. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in the comments below.

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