How to Watch Sportsnet Outside Canada

If a streaming service amassed a fan-base of 30 million subscribers, you’d know that it’s one to invest in. Sports fans in Canada have a home for almost every sporting event on the globe – Sportsnet. However, the channel has global content, not global reach. It’s only available to those residing within Canadian borders. Even with a valid subscription, if you happen to leave the country, that subscription will go to waste. That’s what we call geo-blocks – an issue we’re here to fix. So, if you have a couple of minutes, I’ve put together an easy guide on how to watch Sportsnet anywhere in the world. Go ahead, check it out.

How to Watch Sportsnet Outside Canada

How to Watch Sportsnet Outside Canada

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Sportsnet – What the Fuss is All About

Following your favorite sports can be exhausting unless you have a dedicated platform you can refer to. Well, if you live in Canada, you have none other than one of the biggest sports channels in the world, Sportsnet.

The channel established in 1998 as CTV Sportsnet, a joint venture between CTV, Liberty Media, and Rogers Media. Now, Rogers is the sole owner of the channel. As of now, Sportsnet is available in almost 8.2 million homes with over 30 million Canadian subscriptions.

Anyone living in Canada can stream the service’s content by signing in with their cable provider’s credentials. In other words, you need to have a long-term cable deal to operate the channel. In case you’re not in the know, here are some of the cable providers in Canada:

  • Access Communication
  • Bell
  • Coast Cable
  • EastLink
  • Novus Entertainment
  • SaskTel
  • Rogers
  • TELUS Optik

However, Sportsnet Now came to life when a cord-cutting revolution emerged. Now, fans who have already cut the cord and stream their content online without long term cable deals can have a taste of what the channel offers.

Sportsnet Now allows you to stream all the channel’s catalog with a simple subscription fee. If you want to subscribe to Sportsnet, you’ll have to choose one of these plans. Check them out.

  • SN Now+ : $199.99/Year, $27.99/Month, and $9.99/Week
  • SN Now: $19.99/MonthSportsnet Subscription

With every package, you get different benefits. Make sure to choose what suits you best. After that, you can stream top sporting events on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4


As grand as the channel is, it’s really unfortunate that not everyone can access what it has to offer. As I mentioned, Sportsnet only offers its services within Canadian borders. Even if you’re Canadian, your account will be terminated the moment you leave the country.

You see, it all lies in your IP address, which is used by the service itself to determine your current geolocation. If you’re outside Canada, no Sportsnet for you, sorry. Geo-blockings are a frustrating thing to deal with, especially if it has to remind you every time you visit a restricted website that you’re not welcomed.

This is the geo-error message I got when I tried to access the channel’s Live Streaming option. At the time of writing, I’m accessing the page from the UK:

“Unavailable in your region.”Sportsnet Error

This guide was made to help you out with your problem. So, expats, travelers, and whoever is interested in the channel outside the Canadian district, this is how you get Sportsnet anywhere.

Sportsnet – Sports on a Global Net

In order to watch Sportsnet outside its country of origin, you must appear as if you are within its area of coverage, i.e., Canada. Luckily, that’s do-able if you make use of a Virtual Private Network.

A VPN is a piece of internet software that can shift your location and protect your data while browsing the web. It works by rerouting your whole internet traffic through a secure tunnel to a server in a gateway city of your choosing.

Once the connection is established, you’ll appear to be browsing the web from the region where the server is located. Now, your destination is Canada if you want to access Sportsnet. Therefore, all you have to do is connect to a Canadian server.

This will give you a Canadian IP address, virtual Canadian residency, and direct access to all Canadian-restricted online content, including Sportsnet, TSN, CBC, and more. The process is quite simple. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll unblock Sportsnet anywhere on the map:

  1. First, pick a reliable VPN provider that has servers in Canada. As your guide today, I recommend you use ExpressVPN.
  2. Whatever VPN you pick, you need to download their dedicated application and install it on your device.
  3. After that, activate the app and log in with your username and password.
  4. Navigate through the list and connect to a Canadian server.
  5. Check your new IP address using our tool.
  6. Next, launch Sportsnet’s website or their SN Now application.
  7. Stream Sportsnet’s content wherever you may be.

Why ExpressVPN for Sportsnet

ExpressVPN LogoIn case you’re wondering why I recommended ExpressVPN above, let me show you the reason. First, ExpressVPN, according to reviews, is one of the top providers in the industry. It boasts more than 2000 servers across the globe, including five in Canada. So, you won’t be running out of options.

Second, the servers you get to connect to are blazing fast, which is perfect in case you’re looking to stream Sportsnet content in full HD without any buffering interruptions. Speaking of speed, if a VPN encryption tampered with your speed to an extent where your video starts buffering, you can always settle for their Smart DNS alternative.

Dubbed as MediaStreamer, this feature allows you to bypass regional restrictions at minimal speed loss. However, if you use this feature, you won’t be adding an extra layer of protection to your browsing activities. So, before you go for that, set your priorities straight.

As for privacy, it brings some advanced features to the mix. We’re talking about the likes of their kill switch, which will stop any of your traffic from reaching back to your internet service provider in case a sudden drop in your VPN connection occurs.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN secures your data with 256-bit AES encryption backed by a thorough zero-logging policy, DNS Leak Protection, and several security protocols. Finally, you can always test the risk-free service courtesy of their 30-day refund policy.

In case the provider doesn’t keep up with your needs, check the following table, and pick an alternative that can.

VPN Provider
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
  • 24/7 Live Support
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What’s on Sportsnet

Can’t figure out why Sportsnet is the worldwide phenomenon it is today? Take a look at the content it offers below, and you tell me.

  1. Curling
  2. Cycling
  3. Golf
  4. Jr. Hockey
  5. Olympics
  1. Soccer
  2. Tennis
  4. UFC
  5. MLB
  1. NBA
  2. CFL
  3. NHL
  4. NFL
  5. Auto Racing

Get Sportsnet Anywhere – Parting Words

Sportsnet is a channel worth getting no matter where you reside. That’s why if you live in Canada, you should follow this guide and learn how to access it overseas. It’s pretty simple, just get a VPN, connect to a Canadian server, and Sportsnet is all yours. If you need any help setting up a VPN connection, make sure to leave a comment below, I’ll help you out.

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