How to Watch Emmy Awards 2019 Live Online

Despite having terrible reviews for the final season, Game of Thrones managed to stay on top. How can anyone tell? Well, if you tune into Fox on September 22nd, 2019, you’ll find out live at the 71st Emmy Awards. The ceremony will recognize the biggest names and titles in the industry. But if you live outside the US, you won’t get the chance to see who gets what. Well, it’s the hard truth, considering Fox is only available in the United States. However, if it’s the Emmy’s you want, the Emmy’s you shall get. Here’s how you can watch Emmy Awards 2019 live anywhere.

How to Watch Emmy Awards 2019 Live Online

How to Watch Emmy Awards 2019 Live Online

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Emmy Awards 2019 on Fox

This year, Fox will take on the broadcasting rights for the 2019 Emmy Awards. However, as I mentioned above, the channel is not available outside the United States. The channel has been domination the viewership charts for quite some time now. It was the first to reach 170-million viewership in the history of television broadcasts in the United States.

Well, that’s grand and all, but the channel did not reach a global audience, as it’s only accessible to those residing in the US. When I tried to stream a video in my country, this geo-error message popped up:

“This content is not available in your country.”Fox Geo-error

You see, the channel can determine users’ whereabouts by examining their IP address. In case you didn’t know, your IP reveals a lot of information about you. That includes your location, web browser, device, and even your ISP. Fox requires a US IP address to operate. If you’re abroad, you lack that. Therefore, you get blocked instantly.

Luckily, there’s a workaround that anyone can use to circumvent the geo-restrictions at hand. Care to find out? Scroll a bit further and learn how to watch the 2019 Emmy Awards anywhere live.

The 2019 Emmy Awards – Fox Everywhere

Getting Fox abroad has never been easier when you operate with a VPN. Short for Virtual Private Network, is an internet piece of software that cloaks your original IP address and encrypts your internet traffic.

It’s the ultimate security tool considering the dangers that are looming around the internet nowadays. Whenever you connect to a public network, there’s a possibility that a hacker is waiting to harvest your data. Well, not while you’re using a VPN.

Its military-grade encryption will shield your private information. It would be next to impossible for anyone to get a hold of your data while a VPN connection is active.

On the other hand, once you connect to a server, your data will seem to be coming from the country where the server is located. Thus, you’ll appear to be accessing the internet from that territory holding a native IP address. Consequently, you’ll be able to access websites/services restricted to that area no matter where you reside.

For example, if the server you connect to is in the United States, you’ll obtain a US IP address. As a result, channels like ESPN+, Hulu, and of course, Fox will be at your disposal despite your actual location.

Easy Steps – Global Fox

Now you know what a VPN is capable of. So, it’s safe to say: Let’s proceed with the unblocking process. Here’s what you need to do to unblock Fox and watch the 2019 Emmy Awards live anywhere:

  1. To start the process, you should first subscribe to a VPN service with fast servers in the United States. I nominate ExpressVPN. (Pun intended).
  2. Once you create an account, navigate to the VPN’s download page and get their application.
  3. Run the VPN client and sign in with your VPN credentials.
  4. Next, connect to an American server.
  5. Wait a few seconds then check your new IP address using this tool.
  6. Now that you have a US IP address launch Fox.
  7. Stream the 2019 Emmy Awards live anywhere.

Best VPN for Fox

ExpressVPN LogoExpressVPN is one of the best tools to bypass regional restrictions and access websites and services like Fox in different regions. That’s mainly thanks to their wide range of servers that cover more than 90 countries around the world.

However, that’s not the only thing ExpressVPN is capable of. You’ll find hundreds of VPNs claiming that they respect their customers’ privacy. Their websites state that they don’t collect logs, but it’s the other way around.

Well, ExpressVPN was put to the ultimate test back in 2017 and came out on top. During that year, the Turkish authorities seized an ExpressVPN server in the country, due to rumors revealing that an assassin used the server to delete information from his Gmail and Facebook accounts.

However, the authorities were unable to find anything as ExpressVPN does not collect browsing logs. According to the VPN provider:

“While it’s unfortunate that security tools like VPNs can be abused for illicit purposes, they are critical for our safety and the preservation of our right to privacy online. ExpressVPN is fundamentally opposed to any efforts to install ‘backdoors’ or attempts by governments to otherwise undermine such technologies.”

Privacy, check. Now let’s speak about security. ExpressVPN allows you to choose between several protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, or PPTP. Not only that, but they come along with AES-256 encryption. 

As for speed, you can always count on their servers as they’re dedicated to HD streaming no matter how far away they are from your actual location. In case you’re not compelled, you can always use their Smart DNS to avoid any speed drop. Now, everyone has different opinions. If that’s the case with you, try out one of these top alternatives.

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Stream Live on Fox

Can’t figure out if Fox is available on your platform or not? Here is a full list of Fox supported devices:

  • iPad
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Xbox 360
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV

Emmy Awards 2019 – And the Nominees Are!!!

The Emmy Nominations are out. What’s left is to know who’ll be taking the prestigious award home after the ceremony airs live on September 22nd, 2019. So far, we know that Game of Thrones is dominating the ceremony with 32 nominations, including in the best drama series category along with several best acting nominations.

On the other hand, we have HBO’s Barry, which secured 17 nods. As for Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with 20. That’s good. But remember, if you have the most nominations, it doesn’t mean that you have the advantage. We’ll just have to wait and watch the ceremony live on Fox.

We can’t really say what will go down, who will win, and the surprises we’re getting, but one thing’s for sure, we (again) don’t have a host. It’s okay. The ceremony managed to survive a no-host show before; it’s not going to be any different this year. So, with that said, here are the most notable nominations of the evenings. Wait, I can do better. Ladies and gentlemen… And the Nominees are!!!

Best Drama

  • Better Call Saul
  • Bodyguard
  • Game of Thrones
  • Killing Eve
  • Ozark
  • Pose
  • Succession
  • This Is Us

Comedy Series

  • Barry
  • Fleabag
  • The Good Place
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Russian Doll
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Veep

Lead Actress in a Drama Series

  • Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones
  • Jodie Comer, Killing Eve
  • Viola Davis, How to Get Away with Murder
  • Laura Linney, Ozark
  • Mandy Moore, This Is Us
  • Sandra Oh, Killing Eve
  • Robin Wright, House of Cards

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

  • Jason Bateman, Ozark
  • Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us
  • Kit Harington, Game of Thrones
  • Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
  • Billy Porter, Pose
  • Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Christina Applegate, Dead to Me
  • Rachel Brosnahan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
  • Natasha Lyonne, Russian Doll
  • Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
  • Don Cheadle, Black Monday
  • Ted Danson, The Good Place
  • Michael Douglas, The Kominsky Method
  • Bill Hader, Barry
  • Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek

These are the leading nominations. There are a lot more if you follow the link presented above.

Watch The 2019 Emmy Awards Live Anywhere – Final Thoughts

No one knows what will happen inside the Microsoft Theatre come September 22nd, 2019. But the good thing is, everyone can tune in and watch the 2019 Emmy Awards anywhere on Fox. All you have to do is make use of a VPN, connect to a US server, and you can stream the ceremony live wherever you are.

Who do you think will come out with the most wins? Will Game of Thrones come back from probably the worst year of its run? Share your predictions below.

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