How to Watch RaiPlay Outside Italy

Are you looking for a great collection of video-on-demand? Do you want to stream the top sporting events in the world, live? Well then, look no more as RaiPlay is here to grant you all that. Oh, did I mention that it’s free? Yeah, take all the goodness in as I’ll now reveal the downside. This epic streaming service is only available in Italy. How frustrating is that? Actually, that won’t be the case for long. Follow this guide and learn how to unblock RaiPlay anywhere.

How to Watch RaiPlay outside Italy

How to Watch RaiPlay outside Italy

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Rai “Plays” Only in Italy

RaiPlay launched back in 2016 as a substitute for It gained huge popularity and now has over 12.5 million registered users. That’s not all. Its app has been downloaded over 12.4 million times, and 500+ million videos have been streamed.

Well, the numbers are quite outstanding, but the problem is, these statistics cover Italy only. If you live overseas (Outside Italy), watching RaiPlay might be a quite a hassle courtesy of geographical filtering. In other words, RaiPlay will block your access based on geographical location.

The question most of you ask on their first visit here, how does a channel determine one’s whereabouts? It’s easy, by examining your IP address. Once the channel figures out that you don’t reside in Italy (No Italian IP address), it’ll terminate your access on the spot.

This is how it looks like when someone tries to access RaiPlay from abroad:

“Siamo spiacent. RAI detiene i diritti per lo streaming del contenuto esclusivamente per connessioni dall’Italia.”Rai Play Error Message

You can see the translation as well, so there’s no need for me to cover that part. I’ve shed some light on the problem you’ll be facing with Rai. Shall we head over to the part where I fix it all for you? Follow my lead.

RaiPlay – From Rome All the Way to Your Home

Since RaiPlay is only available within Italy, you’ll need a handy software solution to fake your location if you want to use this streaming service overseas. Of course, I’m talking about the cybersecurity tool that goes by the name of a Virtual Private Network.

Commonly known as VPNs, these internet tools keep you safe while browsing the web. However, they also allow you to appear in different countries as they reroute your traffic through a remote server of your choosing.

Here’s how it works. Once you connect to a server, the VPN will encrypt your data and make it seem as if you’re browsing the web in a different location. The VPN will cloak your real IP address and assign you a temporary one in the gateway city the server is located in.

If the server is based in Italy, an Italian IP, you shall get. And what does that mean? Well, not only you can unblock RaiPlay no matter where you are on the map, but also any other Italian-exclusive online content available.

The Steps – RaiPlay Anywhere

It’s a really simple task. All you need to do is follow a couple of steps, and RaiPlay will be at your disposal despite you being physically overseas:

  1. Create a VPN account (Subscribe to a service). I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the application from their website or your native app store.
  3. Now, launch the app and sign in with your VPN credentials.
  4. Navigate to the server list and connect to an Italian server.Connect to an Italian Server
  5. Wait a few seconds till the button becomes Green (Connected).Italian Server Connected
  6. You’re all set now. Check the newly acquired IP address using this IP Verifier.Italian IP Address
  7. Next, launch RaiPlay, and you’ll be able to stream its content anywhere in the world.RaiPlay Operating

Now that you know that it’s totally and easily doable, let me show you why I chose ExpressVPN as my recommendation, to get RaiPlay abroad.

ExpressVPN – The Top VPN in the Industry

ExpressVPN LogoWhen it comes to ultimate privacy and bypassing regional restrictions, ExpressVPN is what you need. The provider has received stellar reviews from top websites and experts around the world.

It provides blazing fast connections and helps you avoid any throttling attempts by your ISP. In terms of security, ExpressVPN uses top encryption protocols to shield your data from any hacking attempt that might target your device.

Also, the provider adopts a strict no-logging policy along with a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and split-tunneling. Now, let’s talk about streaming content in the best way possible.

It’s called MediaStreamer, a zero-knowledge DNS, which allows you to bypass regional restrictions without having to lose your internet speed.

Furthermore, MediaStreamer expands device compatibility. As you may know, a VPN is only compatible with Android, iOS, PC, Mac, FireStick, and BlackBerry. Well, not with Smart DNS.

You can configure the technology on the devices mentioned along with PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TV. There’s one downside to that. If you configure Smart DNS, you’ll be losing the added security a VPN provides.

Finally, ExpressVPN gives you a way out in case you’re not satisfied with the service. You can always ask for a full refund within the first thirty days of purchase. Moreover, there are top VPNs out there capable of fulfilling the task just as good as ExpressVPN. Check them out in the table below.

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RaiPlay – The Supported Devices

What if you were able to follow the steps above, and RaiPlay ended up not being supported by your platform? This will all go to waste, I know. That’s why I’m going to list the devices that allow you to get RaiPlay, here they are:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

What’s on RaiPlay

Can’t figure out what to see once you get the channel to operate in your country? Let me give you a few titles to kick off your new streaming journey:

  • TG1
  • Viva Rai Play
  • Non-Uccidere
  • Dinebuca ub
  • Che tempo che fa
  • Medici
  • Inspector Montalbano
  • Don Matteo
  • Narcos
  • Missions
  • Charmed
  • Instinct
  • Sea Patrol
  • Il Molo Rosso
  • NCIS
  • FIFA Futsal World Cup
  • FIFA U-17 World Cup
  • Serie D

RaiPlay Outside Italy – Conclusion

RaiPlay is one of the top services in Italy to bring viewers the best of TV series, movies, and sports. However, this online multimedia portal is restricted to Italy. Well, not after this guide. You now know how to use a VPN to bypass regional restrictions and access Rai no matter where you are. Enjoy the best of Italian TV and let me know in the comments if you need any help.

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