What Does Your IP Address Reveal?

An IP address is an integral part of the internet, but not many people know what it is or what it actually does. Every computer has its own IP address that reveals the user’s geolocation. But can IP addresses give away other information? And if so, can they be hidden?

What Can Your IP Address Give Away

What Does Your IP Address Reveal

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In the article below, we will explain what is an IP address, what can it reveal, and how to hide it using a VPN.

What Is an IP Address?

An IP address is the computer’s identity number when you go online so that the internet can identify who the user is. Each computer has one to be able to connect to the internet.

IP addresses are used to determine the user’s geographic location, so that your internet destination, or the website you’re visiting, can know where you’re from.

However, the internet doesn’t use your computer’s IP address when you’re connected to a router. It uses the IP address of the latter instead. So most of the times, your IP address doesn’t reveal your exact location, but only the city you are in, depending on the IP address of your router.

What Information Can IP Addresses Reveal?

The most personal thing an IP Address can reveal is geographic location. But since you’re connected to the internet through a router, you don’t have to worry about your exact location being shared. Someone may be able to know the city in which you live, but not the street address or anything too detailed like that.

How Can I Know What’s My IP Address?

IP checkers can help you determine what is your computer’s IP address if you don’t know or forgot the number. You can check our IP Checker and verify your IP address.

Does It Mean That IP Checkers Have My Address?

IP checkers will usually reveal the IP address of your ISP. This can determine which country or city you’re in, but it can’t identify you. The only way for your name to appear in an IP database is if you registered a netblock, which cannot happen behind your back.

However, if you engaged in illegal activities and¬† you’re in trouble with the law, prosecutors can force your ISP to reveal your address.

Are IP Checkers Accurate?

IP checkers use public databases to determine your IP address and gather info. These databases can sometimes be outdated, meaning the generated data can be wrong. If your ISP keeps IP addresses in a different country, it can affect your internet browsing in terms of language or geo-blocking.

Can IP Addresses Be Used for Advertising Purposes?

A lot of GeoIP services are managed by third-parties that use a technique called fingerprinting to promote content that may seem relevant to you. Fingerprinting involves extracting your browsing history and your IP address to gain a better understanding of your interests. This data can be sold to advertisers who can promote products that may be interesting to you, based on your internet traffic and data.

Hide Your IP Address with VPN

How to Hide Your IP Address with VPN

How to Hide Your IP Address

After all the things that were said, it’s perfectly normal for you to feel concerned about your privacy. But you don’t have to worry, because you can conceal your IP address with a VPN.

A virtual private network, better known as VPN, uses a software to reroute your internet connection to a different server. It hides your IP address and replaces it with another one from a different region. This means that your internet destination won’t be able to pick up on your original IP address or pinpoint your exact location.

VPNs also encrypt your data and keep a strict no-logging policy, so no one will be able to trace anything back to you, and you’ll be able to browse the internet anonymously.

Of course not all VPNs are the same. The good trustworthy ones don’t offer their services for free, but for all the benefits they offer, it’s worth it. One of the best VPN providers is ExpressVPN. This brand has over 1,000 servers across servers across 160 cities all over the world, and you’ll have access to all of them.

It also offers users military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, so your content will definitely remain private. ExpressVPN also doesn’t keep logs of your traffic, so your data won’t be sold to any third parties.

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What is an IP Address and What Does It Reveal – Conclusion

Now that you have a better idea of what’s an IP addresses and how it works, I’m sure that you might feel less safe when you go online. Well that doesn’t have to be the case. With a VPN, you can safely browse the internet without any fear or worry that someone might be able to pinpoint your location, log your traffic, or monitor your activity. It is the perfect solution.

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